The Futility of Apologetics Ministry to the Lost?

I had planned to write a brief post basically throwing the idea out there that Christian apologetics as a means to reach the lost is basically a waste of time. What good is explaining a six-days Creation to an unbeliever? Will believing Creation help their soul? No, not by a long shot. Will believing in the global flood, exodus from Egypt, healing of the blind, and so on save the souls of the lost?


But millions of dollars are invested into ministries that attempt to do just that: reach the lost with the news of Creation, rather than the good news of the resurrection of Christ and the forgiveness of sins.

Teaching Creation to a lost and dying world makes about as much sense as attempting to teach evolution to Christians. The first group’s eyes are blinded to God’s Words; the latter group’s eyes are opened to them.

Like I said, I was going to write something along those lines, but one of those Pyromaniac guys beat me to the punch. So go read it: The Wrong Miracles.

2 thoughts on “The Futility of Apologetics Ministry to the Lost?”

  1. I’ve always thought that Apologetics should be aimed more at Christians. It should be an encouragement in what they already believe, perhaps a help in clarification about some things.

    Have I discussed these things with the lost? Yes. I have talked about my views on the elect and creation. But usually I end it with: I know you’re not Christian, so I don’t expect you to believe that. And that usually throw them off-guard. They are used to Christians who shove things down their throat (which is no way to expose someone to Christianity). For the most part, I try to explain what I believe and why (and usually the why leads back to the fact that I’m a Christian and thus the gospel). God will open their eyes, if He wants them opened.

  2. I believe there’s a place for it among Christians and non-Christians. If there is a question it should be answered, for we do not know in what way God will lead that person to Christ, and it should definitely be there for Christians to help them build up their faith and to help them answer people who may be asking them questions. If anything there should be more Apologetics done with the goal being to glorify God in it.

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