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Raising My Daughter in a Broken World 0

Raising My Daughter in a Broken World

When I first set out sixteen or so years ago publishing content online, I did so as a naïve child, using what little of a homepage I could build to unite my chat room...


A Fully Modular Phone

Almost four years ago to the day, I asked for a modular phone. In the years since, I’ve learned that I would never want to use an Android device, but still, the idea of...


Bulk Up Your iOS App Catalog with FREE Premium Apps

If you’ve spent a small fortune on a cutting edge smartphone (the iPhone, naturally), you don’t want to avoid grabbing nicer, premium apps. Let your device shine… without paying a cent! Assorted premium apps are always being dropped to the magnificent price of $0.00, and I’ll tell you how to find them.


I Ran into a Friend Today

I caught up with an old friend today. We talked about long lost friends, painting and drawing, and my quest to see the downfall of Christianity. It was a good conversation.