2008 Presidential Primaries — Are You Ready?

The 2008 Presidential Primaries are rapidly approaching. For those states which have closed Primaries, party-changing deadlines are approaching even more rapidly (or have already passed). You can find a schedule of the primaries, caucuses, registration deadlines, and party-change deadlines on Ron Paul's campaign site. As my dad pointed out at the Christmas gathering yesterday at … Continue reading 2008 Presidential Primaries — Are You Ready?

AOL News Straw Poll

Dr. Ron Paul Source | License Running through January 4th, AOL News currently features a Presidential campaign straw poll that you can take part in! Currently in the lead by just over 5,000 votes is our future President, Dr. Ron Paul. Second place belongs to Mayor Giuliani. Those are among the Republican candidates, of course. … Continue reading AOL News Straw Poll