Between Good Friday & Easter: Where was Jesus?

Most of us know that yesterday — Good Friday — was a day to remember the crucifixion & death of the man Christ Jesus. Most of us know that tomorrow — Easter — is a day to remember the resurrection in triumph of the conquering Savior Jesus Christ.

But how many of you know what Jesus was up to between death & resurrection? If you answer “He was in the grave” and nothing more, go back to your Bible and start again. You’re missing a lot. The story of Jesus from death to resurrection is an interesting one — and there’s probably more to it than you’d think.

So in the spirit of the season, I invite you to check out “Jesus’ Activities from Death to Rising,” a chapter from the book Fascinating Truths by James W. Knox.

I’m not saying that the chapter is 100% correct; I am hoping, however, that it gets your mental wheels a-turning & thinking about the activities of our Lord, even when most people think He was dead and buried.

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