One Month Down, Eleven to Go

Here I am, over a month into 2013 — the year that was supposed to be my year.

Such grand plans for a multitude of websites. Well, I’m still here, but I’ve not really found any time to devote to my online endeavors.

This is unfortunate because every day that goes by, the number of Internet users increases, and with that, the number of people who are wrong on the Internet also increases. I must help stem this tide!

That said, I’m not sure if I really want to divide my efforts among several different sites like I had announced excitedly back in December. This site, despite my neglect, has received a steady, respectable number of daily visits for quite some time now; even the flow of legitimate comments has remained steady.

In other words, I need to build on this site’s foundation before laying foundations at numerous other sites, hoping for any sort of repeated success. Maybe if I ever find myself in a position to be at home all the time to focus on blogging, multiple sites may be worth maintaining. Currently? No.

So I may endeavor to do what I’ve tried to do so many times in the past: Organize How hard can it be? It only holds the archives to… half a dozen or more disparate blogs? Yeah…

No matter what, I have my work cut out for me.

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